Knicks punk Heat in Miami, showing why they will be a dangerous 1st round playoff opponent

28 Feb

Last night the new-look Knicks gave everybody a taste of what’s to come in the future, stealing a game on the road against the hated Miami Heat.  At least for one night, Billups’ experience & the scoring punch of Melo & Amare showed that NY’s “big 3” may be better than Miami’s trio of LeBron, Wade & Bosh. 

What’s so impressive is that Mr. Big Shot (Billups) nailed a deep 3, made a critical steal, & sank clutch free throws in the final few minutes; you can tell he has the respect of everybody on that Knicks roster.  He & Melo have only been on the team for a few games, but have already proved they can play well with Amare, Fields & co. 

Spike Lee took his talents to South Beach Sunday night, & so did the Knicks. NBAE/Getty Images

Despite being outsmarted & outhustled in the final quarter, the Heat had the ball down just 1 pt. late but couldn’t cash in.  With just a few seconds left, LeBron did his typical dribble-drive to the rack, expecting to either get contact (& a foul) or an easy look at the basket.  Ut-oh!  Melo, who Kevin McHale labeled earlier in the week as having a reputation of playing poor team defense, beat LBJ to his spot on the low block.  LeBron had to put up a high-angled shot, which Amare brilliantly swatted away to seal the game. 

It’s worth mentioning that on that play Amare came from the opposite side of the paint, knew LBJ’s tendencies (LeBron loves to shoot game winners) & the clock situation (not enough time for LBJ to make a safe pass, then have the recipient dribble/setup & shoot) to make the game-saving block.  And they say this Knicks team won’t play any defense?  That is a textbook example of great team defense when the game is on the line against one of the best finishers in the NBA!

Hats off to the Knicks – a signature win after that awful loss to the Cavs – they are officially that 5-6-7 seed we find about every couple years who nobody wants to play!

Click here to view ESPN’s 2 cents & the box score.


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