Little Big Planet: Game of the Year edition features red greatest hits junk & no Pirates pack…Rrrrr!?!

10 Feb

Sony finally gave us another go-around at the PS3 exclusive Little Big Planet, but it’s full of Greatest Hits junk, literally.  The “Game of the Year” edition comes encased in loud red plastic so bright that everyone in a 3-mile radius can tell you didn’t buy the original version of the game when it first came out.  Why does Sony do this?  It’s almost like they want to brand a scarlet letter on the collection of every Playstation gamer who doesn’t throw down $60 for the initial release of a game!  

Some people (myself included) outright refuse to purchase a game that comes in 1 of these ruby red cases, as it looks weird on display against the rest of their gaming collection (don’t get me started on that “New Super Mario Bros. Wii” game, which isn’t even a “Player’s Choice” AKA “Greatest Hits” yet was released new in a red case). 

Little Red Planet's "Game of the Year" edition leaves users hoping for an included Pirates pack hanging at the gallows. You still have to pay your way to Tortuga if you want to reach platinum!

Sackboy’s Game of the Year edition does come with the Metal Gear Solid pack (saving users who didn’t already buy it a solid $5 to 7), but doesn’t include the Pirates of the Caribbean pack (same price on PSN, must be purchased separately).  The odd thing is that in order to Platinum the game (100% of trophies), you must have access to the Metal Gear pack AND the Pirates pack. 

While the very idea of forcing the customer to buy a DLC add-on just to complete a game he/she has already paid for seems obnoxious, this is even weirder…why include 1 pack but not the other?  Did Johnny Depp want a bigger cut of the loot if Sony included the Pirates pack in its Game of the Year edition rather than still independently charge for it? 

This strange move has made some of its loyal fanbase into angry pirates – perhaps Sony will give Game of the Year purchasers a coupon code to download the Pirates pack for free before they feel like throwing their copy of LBP into the Kraken!

In case you’re interested, here’s what your $30 gets you on the “Game of the Year” edition (from

“Additional Game of the Year Edition features include:

  • Collect over 500 objects, stickers, tools and costumes as resources for your own levels.
  • Over 1 Million User Generated Levels to play.
  • 18 New Bonus Levels designed by actual LBP Community Members.
  • Free Costume and Level Packs including the Metal Gear Solid Level Pack.”

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