Review: Buried (2010) starring Ryan Reynolds gets 4 stars

10 Feb

Much respect for Ryan Reynolds putting himself through 3 weeks of punishing heat in a claustrophobic box in Spain in order to make this indie an unforgettable film.  Rodrigo Cortes masterfully directs this suspenseful thriller where Reynolds is held hostage in a coffin with little more than a cell phone & a few other items to aid him.

Reynolds in exhausted, bloodied condition while clutching his newfound cell - this is about how I feel while negotiating a phone contract at a Verizon store after waiting in line for half an hour.

The film is only 95 minutes, but felt even quicker than that, which is a very good thing – you never want a film to feel longer than it really is, or else you risk boring your audience.   Buried is gritty & smart, with a relatively logical plot that carries several twists.  The characters are relateable, and the references to global politics & corporate America may hit uncomfortably close to home for some.  The Blu-ray only includes the trailer and 1-2 featurettes so only consider buying it if you end up enjoying this film as much as I did, but you should definitely give it a rental as soon as you can.

Verdict: 4 stars

Here’s a brief explanation of how The Floor Seats’ 0-4 star rating system breaks down:

0-1 stars: This is an atrocious movie; an insult to film & a waste of your time

1-2 stars: Bad but not awful – avoid unless you’re dying to see it for a particular genre/subject matter/actor’s performance

2.5 stars: Only worth a rental if you really like that genre/subject matter/actor’s performance

3 stars: Definitely worth a rental unless you hate that type of genre/subject matter/actor’s performance

3.5 stars: Very good but not great – this is a film you should definitely rent & even consider buying if you like that genre/subject matter/actor’s performance

4 stars: Outstanding & unforgettable – almost certainly 1 of the top 100 greatest films you’ve ever seen.  Buy with confidence!


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